Least minimally invasive surgery is also know as keyhole surgery, in which a thin telescope like instrument know as endoscope is used to examine the internal disorders of spine and it helps doctors to work safely on spine. As a result patient feel lesser pain and faster recovery without any difficulties.

A decompression procedure is to remove pressure on a structure, as in decompression of the spinal cord. Dr. Said Osman performs,

* Open decompression: In the lumbar spine, this is usually reserved for patients with spinal stenosis caused by bony spur formation causing narrowing space available for neural elements.

* Minimally invasive decompression: This constitutes a major service part of the spinal procedures performed by Dr. Said Osman. At this time this is mostly for thoracic or lumbar disc problem. Minimally invasive disc decompression in the cervical spine (neck), which may be performed as an outpatient is also available.

Spinal fusion or spondylosyndesis is a surgical method used to join two or more vertebrae. This is done most commonly in the lumbar region of the spine; it is also used to treat cervical and thoracic problems. At Russellville Musculoskeletal Center, orthopaedic surgeons performs by two procedures,

* Conventional Open Procedures: This is mostly performed for patients who have severe arthritis of the spine, requiring decompression.

* Minimally Invasive Procedures: If decompression can be successfully done through minimally invasive approach, then it is also in the patient’s interest to perform the fusion and instrumentation with pedicle screws with minimally invasive approach. With this approach surgical time, surgical trauma, surgical blood loss, hospital stay and recovery time are significantly reduced. This is currently one of the most common techniques that Dr. Said Osman uses.

Non-fusion technologies for treating spinal degenerative conditions involving,

* Dynamic Stabilization: One of the down sides of spine fusion is that by stiffening the diseased segment of the spine, stresses of the spinal motions are transferred to the neighboring joints, and this is thought to accelerate wear and tear of those neighboring segments. Recently a device called X-STOP was approved by the FDA for general use in the USA. It is a minimally invasive device which can help relieve back pain and leg pain without resorting to major removal of bone and fusion. This is now available at Russellville Hospital for selected cases.

* Total Disc Replacement: Recently the FDA has approved an artificial disc for the cervical spine (neck). This device is likely to be the most preferable procedure for orthopaedic patients who have a single level disease of the cervical spine, currently treated with fusion. The approach for this operation is similar to fusion, which is widely performed in the USA, and the advantages include avoidance of neck brace, earlier return to normal activities and hopefully avoidance of stresses on the neighboring discs.


Least Invasive SurgeryDr. Said Osman orthopedic surgeon at Russellville Musculoskeletal Center, Alabama interested in spinal surgeries with least invasive spine techniques, treatment of sports injuries to the hip, knee, shoulder, back, foot, ankle and elbow, arthroscopic surgery, surgical opinions and evaluations, minimally invasive surgery for hip, knee & shoulder joint replacement and surgical treatment of arthritis.

Over the last half century, with technological advances, spinal disorders and treatment options have increased tremendously. The mainstay of spinal treatment remains non-operative and most common disorders such as a disc herniation and arthritis of the spine respond to these measures.

As a surgeon, Dr. Said Osman organized physical therapy program is an integral part of his treatment approach. His aim is to get his patients pain-free and functional as quickly as possible preferably without surgical intervention. Patients usually achieve pain relief and functionality if they perform regular exercise programs and observe back precautions as instructed by physical therapists.

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